Hello, Is It Me You're Looking For?

Los Angeles, CA
Oh, hey. Fancy meeting you here.

No, seriously. It's truly a miracle you're here. I mean, I haven't shown my face in 3 years so that's why I am seriously grateful/intrigued that you happened upon us. Thanks for showing up. One day you'll have to tell me the story of how you arrived on this page. In fact, you'll have to tell both me and Evan because I know he'll get a kick out of it too. Oh, and don't forget Montgomery. She loves a good story.

Oh, Montgomery? Yeah, that's her above, sandwiched between the two of us. 

Yep. That's right. Evan and I spawned since the last time we spoke with you. Without getting into too much detail I will say this: parenthood is the coolest and the hardest thing we've ever taken on. Monty is two. She. Is. A. Pistol. And hand to heart I can attest she's the best thing that's ever happened to us. I can't wait till we can tell you more about her.

But I regress. We have plenty of time to get into that. Because I came here tonight to tell you a story. 
Tonight Evan and I celebrated our 9th anniversary. You know, the legal one. Last night in bed we were trying to remember what we were doing 9 years ago. Since neither of us could remember exactly how the day unfolded, I searched the Little Red Bike Cafe blog's archives for the story. So that's what led me back here. And my eyes couldn't believe the time stamp on our the last update. Nearly 3 years ago to the day?!?! I decided right then and there that now was the most logical and serendipitous time for an update. 

Our daughter's middle name is Mahina which means moon in Hawaiian.  So it wasn't a surprise this morning when my husband gifted me a beautiful pair of crescent moon earrings from one of our favorite local LA haunts. What was a surprise was his accompanying "Yelp" review of our marriage. It reads as follows:
"I've had 'the marriage' every day for the past 9 years, and it keeps getting better!
Excellent hand rubs at the best times. Food is a major plus but keep in mind you'll be doing the dishes (it's worth it!). Be sure to try the parenthood special - new to the menu since 2015; use code word "Mahina" for lots of laughs plus some manipulation. I took off a 1/2 star because the owner wouldn't let me serve breakfast tacos. Highly recommend the pina coladas!"

Tonight felt familiar. We've had similar anniversary dinners: a dimly lit room, a cozy booth, deep stares and playful kisses exchanged across the table, good food and drink, and  a photobooth (our favorite!). Only this time the meal included a box of crayons, a pair of jelly sandals that refused to be worn, and a pumpkin placement, a recent gift from grandma and grandpa (from home) that must, under and any and all circumstances, join us for dinner. 
Since I have your attention I just want to say this: I've really, really missed this space. So I'm gonna make an effort to come here more often. I'm 100% doing this for me because I miss writing. If you wanna show up here every now and again that'd also be cool but like, no pressure. 

Ps. Zeus and LaLa are alive and well. Ok, LaLa only has one eye but that's a whole other post. Like I said, don't be a stranger. We need to catch up!

Pps. For the record, Leo is also alive and well. And is still slinging the best quesadillas in town. I only mention this because I'm eating one right now. Because my husband is a BOSS and surprised me with a late night snack post dinner because he gets me. Because like I said, 9 years strong and going. #ReasonsIMarriedMyHusband