Meet the FlavourSpot.

A few weeks back, while reading about the local restaurant scene via portlandfoodanddrink.com, I stumbled upon a menu posting that caught my attention: a waffle with "whipped cream cheese with real vanilla and a touch of sweetness. Served with organic strawberry or raspberry jam. Our 'regulars’ favorite."
I immediately had two questions: Where was this FlavourSpot and how come I'm not one of their "regulars"?!?!?
"Guess where we're going for breakfast?!" I called to Evan who was in the other room.
"Where?” He shouted back.
He immediately got the joke, or at least thought he got the joke. Our local Videorama happened to house an incredibly sad looking purple coffee cart that touted itself for its $1 coffee, and was oftentimes the butt of several inside jokes between the two of us. Evan, a self-proclaimed coffee snob would NEVER think to drink coffee that only cost a dollar. Well, that's not true. It would be more fair to say he would never drink $1 coffee and promote the product.
Convinced I was jerking his chain, he thought nothing more of my declaration.
"I’m serious Man, we're going."
'What the hell are you talking about?" he is still in the other room.
"It's changed ownership. Or at least I think it has. It's definitely had a change in menu," I continue trying...Evan is still preoccupied. "It's now serving waffle sandwiches."
I got him. He enters the room.
He was amazed at what he saw. A delicious menu from a place located in our neighborhood, one created by new young independent restaurateurs. We leash the dog and begin the trek. Our local video store and consequently this cart is only a 15 minute walk from our home, a blessing and a curse we are only now beginning to reap the benefits of. It didn't take long for us to realize that the sad little coffee cart had a significant face-lift and was now a creative and thriving new business.

David Stokamer and Jon Erikson have managed to attract an incredibly devoted local following by serving some of the tastiest waffles we've ever had. Committed to quality their menu boasts seasonal, local, and organic ingredients, satisfying flavour profiles, and a no-nonsense approach to good food and good coffee. Their business spares no expense when it comes to the quality of their operation. All of their coffee drinks are prepared with organic milk (no xtra charge for soy), and made with two freshly extracted shots of Portland Roasting espresso. Their waffle selection runs the full gamut: vegan, sweet, and savory. Picture tangy lemon curd, honey whipped with cinnamon, maple veggie sausage, ham and gouda, Nutella with all natural creamy peanut butter, and even an ice cream waffle sandwich. Nuff said. Guests may wait at the counter or sit at the picnic bench enjoying the provided NY Times or the complimentary wi-fi. And the whole $1 coffee thing? Based on principal. Dave insists people should be able to get a coffee for a buck. Not only that but he'll serve it to you with organic creamer, an act that defys rationality and seems to shout "to hell with a standard mark-up on the cost of food." Needless to say we like this guy. We like this guy a lot.

The FlavourSpot has undoubtedly become our new breakfast Spot and we’ve enjoyed getting to know and supporting these top-notch guys. Having spent the last four mornings out of six there we are honored to say we proudly promote $1 coffee and we have now earned the right to wear the coveted title of Regular.

N. Lomard between Denver and Greely in the Videorama parking lot
Mon-Fri 6:30am-3pm
Sat&Sun- 8am-3pm

UPDATE! FlvourSpot has a second location!
Mississippi Location:
Corner of N Mississippi and Fremont
Mon-Fri 8am-Dark
Sat&Sun- 9am-3pm


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more of this waffle worship at Digest, where I first read about these dudes. so excellent. There's also some serious NY vs LA debate about waffles. Fuck the playa haterz.

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