Oven Envy

Based on a suggestion from a respected fellow blogger Evan and I are determined to make sweet potato barbeque chips for the restaurant. However, the oven down at the coast is nearly twenty years old, and is a difficult tool to work with when trying to bake the perfect chip. Thus our quest to find the ideal Green & Green oven is underway, and the initial part of our search has given us both an acute case of oven envy. So many different makes, models, and designs, all functioning with different combinations of high speed impinged hot air, microwaves, infrared heating elements, water, gas, and electricity. For now we will work with what we have, but our dreams will be filled with ovens that can roast fourteen pound chickens in 3 minutes, bake crème brule in 45 seconds, and steam asparagus in 50 seconds.

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Grant W said...

Dena and I cant wait to sit down at my best friends restaurant and enjoy some nice drinks appetizers, soups, and entrees when we get back!