We Dig Scott's Nuts

A lot. In fact, we can't get enough of Scott's nuts. I know, this is getting a little raunchy but that's certainly not our intention. The reason why we're having this little word play is because this is the experience Evan and I have with Scott when he comes in to the Cafe and we want to compliment him on his downright amazing nuts.

Okay...allow me to explain...

Scott, a certified cheesemonger, is Evan's former co-worker from New Seasons. Devoted Courier Coffee Enthusiasts, we are now fortunate enough to visit with Scott and his lovely wife at the Cafe on a weekly basis when they come in with mugs (from their ever-impressive coffee mug collection) to "Fill 'er up." When they told us of their plans to start their own nut business, Albina City, we were ecstatic. Imagine deliciously roasted Oregon hazelnuts, seasoned to perfection. It didn't take too long before we were hooked. Hence the embarrassing situation we encountered early-on in our discovery. Seriously, can you think of a polite way to tell a guy (let alone in front of his wife) that his nuts are are the bomb? There really is no way to put that without offending someone's grandma. So we've just decided to embrace this notion and declare, "Damn, those are some mighty fine nuts!"

While Evan thinks of these as the perfect snack for his grocery shopping (and by "snack" I mean they're all gone by the time we get to the register--don't worry, we bring the empty container to check-out with us...), we also knew there was great potential for these nuts at the Cafe. And as such, a Saturday Special was born:

Fall in Love
honey-roasted Oregon pears, homemade ricotta cheese and Albina City’s candied hazelnuts, drizzled in honey & served open-face on toasted ciabatta

If you would like to get your hands on some of these nuts just stop in at any New Seasons Market, but if you happen to be at the one on Interstate Ave. you might just be lucky enough to compliment Scott on his nuts in person.


Tim D. Roth said...

His nuts are just, uh, so salty. I mean damn. Also, I think we think alike.

Ali and Evan said...

Leave it to you, Tim. Leave it to you...