Cabin Fever Shmeever

When it looks like this outside:

Winter Wonderland, For Reals

And you have your sister/your very bestest friend in the whole wide world (not to mention her husband and their pug) in town:

sister, two pugs, and a blanket of snow

this is what you make for breakfast:

The Frostbite
soft poached egg, shaved red onion, Beecher's Flagship cheese, Carlton bacon, and blackberry-basil jam, served open-face on ciabatta

Yes, it's true. Tara, Dan, and Matilda Uni Rose made it to PDX safely around 3:00am Monday morning. They were on the last flight not canceled from NYC and had they not made that flight, they were told they wouldn't be able to fly in until the 27th of December. WHEW! We are relieved to have the East Coast contingent of our family safe and sound, albeit partially snowed in, in our lovely little home. In order to combat cabin fever we are busying ourselves with:

The Greatest Music Exchange Ever
(including but certainly not limited to: Otis, Ingrid, Alela, Bon Iver, Blow, & Electrelane)
Board Games in the Balderdash and Scrabble variety
Jam Making and Canning
Whiskey Milkshakes
Fireside Chats

unveiling the secrets to our whiskey milkshakes

And in case you're wondering yes, the Cafe is still open. Bless you Evan, Ray, and Alice for making the trek to work in questionable conditions and keeping our neighborhood satiated. I'm sure I speak for everyone out there who hasn't gotten an opportunity to thank you yet when I say, "We appreciate you!" XO


Tim D. Roth said...

Mmm, breakfast sandwiches. I'm going to be making them on my way in my van on my little Coleman camp stove. I'll be fully stocked on eggs, good rustic bread from Georgia's only organic bakery, and some jam to sweeten the deal. Who knows, maybe somebody will hook me up with some bacon too! Also, Bon Iver is kind of amazing. Glad he/it was part of that music exchange. I haven't burned a CD in a really long time, but Bon Iver was my reentry into permanent CD burnage. Looking forward to seeing y'all!

Ashley said...

yuuuummmm, that looks amazing! My husband and i just bought a house in portland, i was randomly searching for portland bloggers and found this site. your restaurant is 4 blocks from our new house. crazy! I'll have to come check it out for sure!