8 Questions with... Malori

Name: Malori
Position at the Cafe:
Cashier, receptionist, hostess, octo-armed multi-tasker, ever-hip elevator of the LRBC dress-code.

Your favorite Michael Jackson song is:

"The Way You Make Me Feel"
In your dream garden we will find the following things growing:
pomegranate and avocado trees, cherry tomatoes and a ginger plant
Famous person I want to dress me is:
Jenny Lewis
Best thing you’ve put in your mouth recently?
Authentic frozen yogurt. You know, the tart kind. With maple pecan granola.
What do you never eat?
mushrooms and meat
(except for the very occasional taste of Carlton bacon at the LRBC...mmm...)
Salt or Pepper?
Last great book you shared with a friend?
I will push The Road by Cormac McCarthy on anyone who will listen.
This fall you’ll find me…
Working at the LRBC and taking my first trip outside the continent(!)

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F.J.V.A. said...

Everybody loves bacon.