Mahalo Hawaii, Aloha Portland

real Hawaiian shave ice

Our time in Maui is nearing its end, and what a trip it has been. Pretty amazing what one can accomplish here in a single day. On a given morning we stood above the clouds and watched the sun rise from atop a 9,000ft+ dormant volcano, only to find ourselves swimming in warm Pacific waters that very same afternoon. Mind bending to say the least.

coconut breakfast muffin

"Research" has been a pleasant, and at times overly indulgent experience...

pineapple-macadamia nut coffee cake

banana, coconut, macadamia nut pancakes, with coconut syrup

...all the while we have remained focused, and fixated on our mission to sample the best of what the islands have to offer, largely in effort to bring a little taste of Hawaii back home to share with you. Suddenly our impending 'Fall Brunch Menu' looks as though its creators have enjoyed a few Mai Tai too many. Nothing like October to bring our tropic lusting taste buds back to reality, and based on my glance at this week's weather forecast, it looks as though we are in for some changes upon our return home. While today's forecast high temperature is 80F, fall is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, and throughout the remainder of the week Portland is in for cooler temperatures and periods of rain. Ah to have seasons in the Pacific Northwest.

Huge thanks to our dutiful employees for making this trip possible. After working nonstop these past few months, I feel as though we were able to pack a summer's worth of sunshine into one week, and for that we are ever grateful.

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kati said...

you love to torture me with those delicious carbs :)