10 Things That Made Maui Memorable*

*this is just according to us, a family trio of (semi) seasoned travelers, (amateur) food critics, and (comical) adventure enthusiasts

In no (rational or) particular order:

1. Sunrise From Haleakala Volcano (@ 9000 ft.)

2. Camping around the island in a '86 VW Westy

Maui Upcountry off the Kula Highway

3. The Road to Hana (in said VW Westy)

While it is long and winding, we've seen worse
(see Highway 1 S. of Carmel and/or along the Coramandel Peninsula in New Zealand)

4. Seven Sacred Pools

that's Evan climbing his way up to the top, prior to torrential downpour

5. Chef's Tasting Menu at Lahaina Grill

The Cake Walk
petite servings of Kona lobster crab cake, sweet Louisiana rock shrimp cake and seared ahi cake

6. Real Hawaiian Shave Ice

pineapple, guava, & coconut w/ sweetened condensed milk

7. The Epic Battle of Kalua Pork vs. Ahi: raw, blackened, seared
kiwae smoked free-range pork shoulder, red onion, organic mango bbq sauce, Surfing Goat chevre, maui grown pineapple, whole-milk mozz, and herb mix at Flatbread Pizza Company in Paia, Maui

Sashimi Pizza at Bev Gannon's Hali'imaile General Store
A thin flour crust spread with edamame hummus, topped with sashimi Ahi
and toasted sesame seeds drizzled with soy sesame aioli

8. Private Waterslides (enough said)

I take that back, I suppose it should be mentioned that a couple of iced coffees, rum & cokes and fancy chex mix was eaten prior to launch-off

9. Rainbows Everywhere

10. The B&B That Knocked it Out of the Park

Balinese architecture, removed location, antique beds, hammered copper tubs and sink, outdoor showers, bamboo floors, homemade breads, paradise.

The End.


josh? said...

Thanks for the great pics of my favorite island! Glad y'all created so many new wonderful memories.

BridgetownPeddler said...

Hey we were over there the same time as you! That Laihaina Grill was great. It was our first trip to Maui and we really enjoyed it. We cannot wait to go back and explore more of the Island. Natalie gets waaay too car sick easily for trips like the Road to Hana so we had to keep it closer to shore.

We have a few shots up on our Flickr, maybe you will recognize us from your shop. :)

Ali and Evan said...

what's not to love? That said, next trip might have to be to Hawaii.

Bridgetown Peddler,
Of course we recognize you. Funny that we were there at the same time. It was dreamy, huh?

Jade said...

Awesome photos!I love that you rented a VW. Can you pretty much set up camp anywhere in Maui with those? Any hassles? Anyways, you definitely made up my mind about which island to go to. Thanks! I'll make sure to grab a coffee next time I am in P-town!