What's for Dinner?

This meal tasted so good that we dished it up to not only one, but two sets of parents.

Vegetable & Egg Enchiladas
sweet potato, zucchini, onion, corn, cherry tomato, and green bell pepper wrapped in sprouted corn tortillas, topped with fried eggs and goat cheese, served on a bed of baby spinach

And because a dish like this justifies an encore, here's...

What's for Dessert:

Italian Plum Sorbet

organic,"backyard" plums, simple syrup, fresh grapefruit & key lime juice

And because it's not in our nature to leave y'all hanging, here's the recipe for the Italian Plum Sorbet:

Italian Plum Sorbet
Inspired by Chef Brad Farmerie of Public – New York, NY

Sorbet syrup:

1¼ cups sugar
1½ cups water
½ cup light corn syrup


1½ pound Italian plums, pitted, cut in half
1¼ cups sorbet syrup
½ cup fresh pink grapefruit juice
juice of four key limes

Puree plums with the skin on in a food processor. Strain through a fine sieve. Combine with simple syrup and fruit juices. Place ice cream maker and freeze according to manufacturer's instructions.

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Lyndie said...

if u could give an (estimatable) recipe for the enchiladas would be much appreciated...I deal with a VERY picky mom in law...but this sounds "acceptable"...PLEASE?