Let It Be Known:

This lovely man is having a birthday party on Sunday and you're all invited.

What: Please come help celebrate Ray-Ray's birthday.
When: Sunday, September 6th, 8pm.
Where: Oaks Park Historic Skating Rink, 7805 SE Oaks Park Way, Portland, OR 97202

Some of you may have heard that Ray is a former "quad" skating champion. Here's your chance to find out if the rumors are true, and to thank this man for dedicating so much of his love to your cup of joe.


sebastopol tom said...

Hi, Ray. Hey, happy birthday and thanks again for those nice shots you pulled for me last weekend while I was in town for a couple days. Sorry I forgot to say goodbye when we rushed off!

Have a great skate party!

Tom Ludovise
Sonoma County, CA

geniepdx said...

i had the "viva el ray" today, as well as a latte courtesy of ray...thank goodness for that guy's parents, 'cause he made my day

Molly said...

Happy Birthday Ray-Ray! You make a mean latte!