8 Questions with... Kyle

Name: Kyle
Position at the Cafe:
Busser, Sugar-Rush Runner, Your Host with the Most, music mentor, LRBC's Guiding Light

Your favorite Michael Jackson song is:

Ooohhh, no. This is almost impossible but its either “P.Y.T.” or “Dancing Machine”

In your dream garden we will find the following things growing:
Undoubtedly: Purple Kale, Broccoli, Sweet Potatoes and Ginger!!

Famous person I want to dress me is:
I think I could borrow some threads from the closet of Slick Rick, plus something from his gold chain collection

Best thing you’ve put in your mouth recently?
Ray's most recent espresso invention: 2 shots of espresso, Holy Kakow Chocolate syrup, a dash of soy milk, agave nectar and Bolivian finishing salt

What do you never eat?
Another animal's flesh

Salt or Pepper?

Last great book you shared with a friend?
I showed my homie Sam this book called Woody Guthrie: Art Works by Nora Guthrie. It has a bunch of original hand drawings, songs, poems and rants. Very fresh.

This summer you’ll find me…
Judging wisely, as if nothing ever surprises me, lounging between two pillars of ivory


thesmallviking said...

yellow dog says "thanks for the treat, kyle!"

Unknown said...

Happy New Year Kyle! Glad to see the NW is agreeing with you. If you're in Seattle, please stop by and say hello. Ian Story