playing with curds at Beecher's in Seattle, WA

Mac 'n cheese is in the oven. To be specific, a quart of mac 'n cheese that Ali prepped this afternoon. The very same mac 'n cheese that will be served at the cafe tomorrow for a Sunday 'special.' I'm sure glad I don't have to wait that long to get a taste. Without divulging any of her secrets, I can tempt you with the fact that I saw with my own eyes that both Flagship and Organic White Cheddar from Provvista were involved.

take note

P.S. Alex threw the Koratie/Sulawesi blend in the hopper sometime around 1:00pm today. I made myself one espresso, and poured a few more. I am very excited. Without any tinkering the coffee already exhibited many positive characteristics. It will surely be an exciting coffee to play with in the coming weeks, assuming Joel doesn't decide to roast something else.

P.P.S. I decided this morning that next weekend's menu will feature a special called "Breakdown in Santa Cruz," to commemorate a few of the experiences Ali and I had last evening. After enjoying some fantastic burritos at Santa Cruz Taqueria, we tried to leave for the grocery store where we needed to buy a few choice items for today's menu, only to discover that Ali's car, Eleanor, didn't want to go anywhere. In fact she didn't even want to idle. Unwilling to let the night get the best of us, we walked to the grocery store, called a tow truck, did our shopping, walked back to the car with our groceries, and made it home before 8:30pm (thanks to an exceptional tow truck driver). No thoughts yet as to what exactly the special will be.

P.P.P.S. Eleanor is still resting. Zeus and I are off to the cafe, where I will start a pot of apple butter for Sunday's service.

P.P.P.P.S. It's forecast to snow tonight in Portland tonight.

P.P.P.P.P.S. Our coffee roaster is currently somewhere in Forest Park.


Joel: If you get lost in the woods tonight, remember you can always find food and shelter here.

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Unknown said...

huh. coffee outreach to the forest people. mad mad mad awesome. wake up in snow, proceed to boil water for siphon coffee, make, crawl back into sleeping bag sleep. wake, house, siphon again but better, many pancakes. hill bridge rum. little red bike cafee!!!!!!!!!!!!!