When It Rains It Pours

Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, more good press. This time it was our coffee roaster, Joel, appearing on the cover photo of a feature you can all read in the current issue of Mix magazine

Titled "The New Micro Roasters," the piece also features our friends at Cellar Door Coffee Roasters and Spella Caffe, as well as a couple other talented Portland roasters.

The article focuses on the blooming trend of the micro-roaster, small-batch focused artisan coffee aficionados who are helping to improve the overall quality of the coffee industry at large. In the article, publisher of Roast Magazine Connie Blumhardt comments that Joel's beans "are the most perfect beans you're going to see. They're completely uniform, there are no defects, there are hardly any cracks. These have been sorted almost to perfection." Not bad eh?

Kudos to Mix for making note of this awesome trend. Big ups to Rob Finch and Beth Nakamura for the amazing photos they shot for the article (FYI, Mix magazine is a photo lover's wet dream). Lastly, congratulations to Joel and everyone else who received mention in the article. Your hard work is making our lives taste so good.

Coffee geeks take note, the aforementioned issue of Mix also features a wonderful article on the macchiato written by a true connoisseur of drink, Craig Umanoff. The article breaks the art of macchiato production into three categories, man, bean, and machine, in effort to assess exactly what goes into making a quality drink. Superhero Adam McGovern of Coffeehouse Northwest provides expert insight in the "man" section of the piece. Check it out.

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Metolius Mark * Student of...Everything said...

Yeah, thanks for tippin' me to that article(s). The piece about quality coffee was awesome and the macchiato thing...well, who new coffee could be so COMPLEX. I'm sipping slower for now on.