Saturday Wrap-Up/A Peek at Sunday

Ray's lunch: two open face buttermilk-sage biscuits, one prepared 'Alleycat' style, fried egg, prosciutto, Flagship cheese, fig jam, dijon mustard, and caramelized onions. The other a 'Messenger,' fried egg, bacon, gorgonzola spread, and apple butter.

To everyone who has put up with the clusterf*ck of late (i.e. weekends at the LRBC), please know that it is possible to have a comfortable Saturday or Sunday dining experience. Case in point: today. We're not quite sure if it was the weather or Spring Break that made for a slightly slower than usual pace, but whatever the case today was, dare I say it, cozy. A steady stream of happy faces stopped in, but never too many to make it feel overcrowded. For those of you who need a little extra elbow rooms after a raucous night out, we ask that you be patient. Though the warm weather gods have not been very kind to us thus far in 2009, know that our day will come, and during the coming week Ali and I will be speding our time off looking for new outdoor furniture for the cafe.

Look what's new at the cafe: Homemade Whoopie Pies

As for tomorrow, you know what day it is...

Hawaiian French Toast
coconut French toast with shaved coconut, grilled pineapple, whipped butter, and toasted macadamia nut maple syrup
lu'au style: add bacon...


Deanne said...

I don't know what a whoopie pie is, but it looks like it belongs in my belly.

Unknown said...

Holy sweet bejesus...it just keeps getting better and better with you guys. But really, do you always need to post pics of such tasty treats that I can only dream about. Coconut FT, grilled pineapple, really. It needs to be in my stomach, now. Unfortunately this may be the last time I look at your blog because it causes me tremendous pain and ruins all food for several days. Thanks LRBC