¿Que Paso Rodolfo?

nothing a little super glue can't fix?!?

You thought the foul by Trevor Ariza was bad? Our little Rudy Fernandez took a tumble this weekend courtesy of a swipe from a cafe customer. This time the flagrancy of the foul was unintentional. I am now wishing I had not asked my mom to return that extra bobblehead she purchased a few months back.

While Rudy is on hiatus from the cafe (i.e. see Operation Krazy Glue), the special is still available via the "not so secret menu." Just ask for it. Thought this might also be a good time to ask if anyone has any spare Rudy bobbleheads lying around the house which they might want to donate to the LRBC?

The Rudy Fernandez
fried egg, jamon serrano, manchego cheese, olive tapenade, roasted red bell pepper aioli, and oregano on fresh baked ciabatta

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Liz Crain said...

We've noticed him above the case but didn't realize that special could be ordered by anyone, any day! Now I'm really looking forward to the next time we're in. Get well soon Rudy doll!