Coffee So Good It Defies Mathematics

62% Sulawesi Toraja Grade 1, 48 % Ethiopia Sidamo Grade 3 Koratie Cooperative
Wait a minute...62% + 48% = 110%...awesome!

Introducing the 110% espresso blend from Courier Coffee Roasters (or a sure sign that Joel was in need of some extra sleep)*. Don't sweat it Joel, I wouldn't have noticed it myself had Ray not pointed it out to me (a sure sign I am in need of some extra sleep).

I can say with 110% confidence that the espresso served at LRBC during the early part of today will be nothing short of amazing. Roasted in the wee hours of the morning on Monday, March 23rd (we're talking 3:00am early), the coffee is 5 days out of roast, which proved to be the "money spot" for the previous batch. Based on what I was tasting yesterday, I have a similar feeling about what's in store for today. Please be aware that only 3 lbs of this stuff currently exists at the cafe. As I type this we are 5 minutes away from opening, and taking into account a few of Ray's seasoning shots as well as a double shot that is necessary in order to make frosting for our Vegan Monkey Muffins, we could be down to 2.75 lbs. Regardless, if you can get to the cafe before 11:00am this morning, you're in for a real treat. I guarantee it. 110%.

Can't make the trip? Don't worry! We currently have on hand another 12 lbs of espresso that was roasted on the 25th, which means that you will all have another chance to try the current blend as it reaches its fifth day of maturity, this Sunday, March 29th.

I am off to the Little Red Bike to get my day started right. Happy Friday.

*I only make light of this mistake because, for those of you who know Joel, or anyone who has not had the great pleasure of meeting him, the guy is super detail oriented. Always included on his coffee bags are his roast date and time, and often a little note specific to that particular batch of coffee; how successful he thinks the roast was, when the coffee should be at its peak, tasting notes, etc. The guy never misses a beat. So when he does make a mistake, however minor, it is fun to make note of it (fun for us).

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Metolius Mark * Student of...Everything said...

If Joel says it's 110%, then it's 110%. he doesn't make mistakes...just really really great coffee.

Thanks Joel, for giving us 110%!