Can't Get Enough N.S.M.

Here's a shout out to our faithful neighborhood bakers at New Seasons Market at Arbor Lodge. We became addicted to the bakery's (company's) new launch of seasonal flatbread and wolfed down the roasted tomato variety with reckless abandon throughout the summer. Yesterday Evan was a little bemused (euphemism for downright sickened, shocked, horrified) when we discovered an absence of his beloved flatbread in its usual place in the bakery. That's when it finally hit us (like a crashing wave): Summer was officially over. No more roasted tomato flatbread. That ship had sailed.

I returned to the market today not only to discover the return of the flatbread but a new fall seasonal flavor: Pear Hazelnut. Needless to say I picked up two bags and proceeded to eat one while finishing the rest of my shopping. The flatbread is slightly deceptive, one might think to overlook this rustic treat. But it's the coyingly sweet pears, perfectly set up against the nutty earthiness of the hazelnuts that balances this savory tart, topping it off with being dotted and baked with fresh thyme sprigs. Dare we say it sings the song of Fall in perfect pitch?

So thank you New Seasons. We're quite smitten (/ashamed we ever doubted you), indeed.

New Seasons Market Arbor Lodge
(Bakery department)
6400 N Interstate Ave.
Portland, OR 97217


kati said...

how have i never noticed this there before??!! sounds so good!

and those pics of you all at the top of the mountain are amazing. priceless!

Ali and Evan said...

Do not bypass this in the store. It's a must.