8 Questions...

For those of you who are not able to visit, or for those who have not yet noticed, we've got this thing going on at the cafe called 8 Questions. Attached to the "Specials Board" is what we consider our "portfolio;" these profiles highlight eight questions we've asked every single one of the LRBC Crew. FYI: we consider these answers highly secretive/pertinent information regarding all of us. Consider it our attempt to create eight questions that inform all of you who we are, and what we're all about.

This month the Crew created 8 new questions. Here's a sneak peek...

Name: Ali
Position at the Cafe:
Milkshake mixologist

If you were a bike, what kind of bike would you be?
A Beach Cruiser…next question.
One of your favorite books?
A Confederacy of Dunces, John Kennedy Toole
Favorite condiment/spice/herb?
Garlic. Yeah, I said it. Or cilantro. Damn, it’s soooo good.
One of your favorite movie quotes?
“Well, everyone knows Custer died at Little Bighorn.
What this book presupposes is... maybe he didn't?”- Eli Cash
Your Dream Pet?
Zeus (our pug) is really pushing for a little sister named Gertrude, a potbelly pig
Great Show you saw…
Too many to count…
This summer you’ll find me…
In a wedding dress, dancing, and camping in the Redwoods
Where would you like to live and why?
Guatemala: La lengua, La gente, Cacao, Coffee, El Lago de Atitlan, etc.


zak rotello said...

Wow. I never realized I've driven very close to your location about, oh, 200 times on my way to the disc golf course.

I will make it a habit of stopping in from now on!

Lombard exit, here I come.

AnnMarie said...

can't wait to answer these. . .

Tim D. Roth said...

Assuming that photo is current, you can probably take down our pictures now.

SkipJ said...

What a wonderful cafe. Great people, great food. Who could ask for more? A must stop while in Portland.