Spring Forward

While we're still trying to adjust to the recent time change, one cannot help but to look around this fair city and know that Spring is well on her way. Just the other day Evan was speaking with cherished cafe regular and local botanist, "The Nutty Irishman," and learned that the most tell-tale sign of Spring's arrival in Portland are the blossoming pink flowers of the plum tree, which are all too commonly mistaken for cherry blossoms. (We had always assumed they were cherry blossoms.) Not so, claims our friend, who generously gifted me the blooming "Pregnant Onion" you see pictured above. Thus far in the journey this little plant is the only foliage I haven't managed to kill in the cafe, a sure sign that Spring is working her gorgeous magic despite the odds against Pacific Northwest weather systems and negligently green "Green Thumbs." Like today for example, a day where sun and rainshowers shared the sky for a brief but beautiful moment, a day where I came home to find my dog napping in a pool of sunlight that streaked through the bedroom blinds, a day where spontaneous cravings for sweets like Rice Krispie Treats and Basil Ice Cream become reality. Yes, that's right. You can expect Homemade Rice Krispie Treats and Basil Ice Cream tomorrow afternoon at the cafe. Along with:

Maple & Bacon Ice Cream
Mexican Coffee Ice Cream
(think rich courier coffee, cinnamon, and orange zest)
Peanut Butter & Jelly Ice Cream
Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Who else is ready to get their Spring on?

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Mexican Coffee Ice Cream?!? Ole!