Breakfast In Bed

Extra Special Delivery

About a month and a half ago Ali and I made a conscious decision to cut back on our egg sandwich intake. You see, prior to opening the cafe we rarely, if ever, ate eggs. Sure we might eat foods with eggs as an ingredient every once in a while, but you would never be able to find eggs in our fridge, nor we would order eggs when dining out at breakfast. But there was definitely a stretch during those first four to five months when it seemed as though we each ate an egg sandwich every day (and yes, sometimes twice a day!). It seemed a good sign to us that we didn't tire of our own food, but we began to worry about how our diet was affecting our overall health. And so it was that we decided to cut out the fried egg sandwich. The Vegan BLT quickly became my new favorite LRBC menu item, and I affectionately nicknamed it my "anti egg sandwich." The weeks went by and miraculously we found that there were other foods we enjoyed eating besides fried eggs.

Everything was going smoothly, that was until last week when we both fell off the wagon. Ali gave to her first egg sandwich in more than a month during a busy weekend morning. I followed suit a few days later, convincing myself that I should eat an egg sandwich so that our newest employee could have an opportunity to practice cooking a menu item which he had not previously prepared. Damn these sandwiches and their gooey goodness. Realizing that we are not going to be able to permanently stay away from these glorious sandwiches, our newest goal is to achieve moderation in our consumption. We can do that...right?

I think that this morning's events perfectly capture what we mean when we tell people that it is both a blessing and a curse to live 0.4 miles from our place of business. Zeus let us sleep in later than usual, and after laying in bed for about 30 minutes and feeling so comfortable that neither of us wanted to get up, Ali mentioned that she was hungry. My mind quickly tried to figure out how I could quell Ali's hunger without going to the store, going out to eat, or trying to piece together a meal from the sparse assortment of condiments which fill our home refrigerator. "How does an egg sandwich in bed sound?" I asked her. She looked at me with big doe eyes and nodded her head in approval.

LRBC's first home delivery:
Ali's breakfast-Fried egg with light pasilla aioli, sliced apple, Beecher's Flagship cheese, and veggie bacon, on Fleur de Lis ciabatta. To drink, an 8oz organic orange juice.
Evan's breakfast-Zoobomb with veggie bacon, sub Beecher's Flagship cheese. To drink, the last of Joel's Brazil Cafe Zhino (about 55 grams French press for about 3 minutes and 45 seconds).
It doesn't get any better than this right? Wrong! We currently have almost an entire leftover Dove Vivi pizza in our refrigerator.
Today may even rival Ice Cube's good day.


AnnMarie said...

hopefully you won't even have to use your AK.


Anonymous said...

Are you guys vegetarians? I've been wondering!

whitney said...

Oh, I love egg sandwiches too. I limit mine to the weekend and am able to look forward to it all week!

Unknown said...

coo-wah, coo-wah