Oh yeah, we almost forgot...

Always Remember to Read the Fine Print

For those of you who only visit the blog and don't have the opportunity to visit the cafe, or in case you simply haven't noticed, we felt that we should at least mention that our menu underwent some small changes about a month and a half ago. We're not talking anything too drastic, for the most part the majority of the changes I write of were actually additions to the existing menu. Yes, we know some people miss the "old turkey sandwich," as well as the menu items we originally included for those with single digit ages. Hey, we're not perfect, we're just trying to make food tasty enough to make you want to come back for more.

Now, thanks to Dan, you can view the new menu with the click of a mouse. So peruse, criticize, and drool. We promise not to change up the turkey again anytime soon. Well at least not during the weekdays. For now.

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Diana said...

Do you deliver to Vietnam? I would like a paperboy with bacon and a drip coffee. And honeyed yogurt, and a doughnut or a tart. Please. Thank you. I miss Little Red Bike Cafe!