Compliments to the Chef

After doing a brief search on the internet to refresh my frozen yogurt knowledge, I was astounded to see how much controversy there is surrounding "fro-yo." Creamy vs. Icy, Sweet vs. Tangy, Pinkberry vs. TCBY (if you will.) While I'm not about to get in to that debate, here's what I can, and will tell you:

Frozen yogurt makes us very happy. We get giddy at just the idea of it. Here's what we expect out of a frozen yogurt experience: tart, cold, pure, clean, refreshing goodness...in a cup. And hell, if it comes in a biodegradable cup with a compostable spoon, well, that's even better. That's why we can't think of a better way to finish a walk around the beautiful hills of Northwest Portland, than with a cup of frozen yogurt from Bleuet, a "boutique yogurt" shop located on NW 23rd Avenue. We like Bleuet's all natural style. Yogurt remains undyed, low in sugar, and claims to be made with a family recipe. What's not to love? Oh, well, did I mention that it's non-fat? (Every creation has its internal flaws.) But really, in all honesty, from their environmentally friendly standards, and their yogurt that actually tastes like yogurt (i.e. sour, tart, tang with a hint of creamy sweetness), Bleuet has a lot going for it as far as we're concerned. According to what I read on the internet, it appears that when it comes to frozen yogurt, to each his own. That said, Bleuet has struck a cord in our hearts.

Evan grew up in Northwest Portland, and as I've mentioned before, was the first person to introduce me to Portland's outdoor destination gem: Forest Park. Growing up we spent many a-teenage years partying in, near, and around those hills, and hardly ever appreciated the beauty of our surroundings. These days, I relish in the opportunity to walk these streets, weaving my way through the Alphabet District, up to Evan's elementary school in Wallace Park, and down to the cobble streets in the Pearl. I like to bring my camera, snapping away at whatever inspires me, be it a glowing grass garden, a friendship offer on a community board, relic bricks on an apartment building, or the stone steps on a beautifully crafted home. After one such tour of the hills recently, I met up with Evan and we chatted inside Bleuet's shop, reconnecting over yogurt. Needless to say: Perfect.

Evan's a traditionalist and prefers things like tangy plain yogurt with dark chocolate chips:

I like variety and usually pick a fruit flavor with something crunchy, like Blueberry Cheesecake with Coconut-Almond Granola:

Suffice to say the interior of this location can feel a little cold at times, especially in the darker, winter months, but that hardly matters when the goods are just that. We've never left disappointed, and on days like the one described above, when the sunshine was streaming through the shop's large front windows, and wrapping across my husband's head, I swore I was experiencing a little piece of heaven.

1019 NW 23rd Ave.
Portland, OR 97210
(503) 295-5981
Mon-Thu. 11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Fri-Sat. 11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m


kati said...

i love bleuet. i usually like mine with just a little fresh fruit, but those dark chocolate chips are looking good...

have you tried their homemade soups? i haven't, but i think that's what they do to combat the "cold".

mariko said...

What? Evan went to Chapman? I went there, too, a million years ago, and my mother still lives across the street! Now I just have to make it into your cafe one of these days instead of just reading your blog. Oh, and frozen yogurt? Please give Active Culture in the old Grand Central Bowl building a try.

Anonymous said...

Have a glorious, sunny and eventful weekend, LRBC crew. I'll be thinking good thoughts and missing you. Moo