Leeks, Potatoes, and Onions, Oh My!

Earlier this afternoon we visited the Eastbank's first Portland Farmers Market of the season. Ooo-eee, Brothers and Sisters, there is nothing quite like the feeling of the market. This is the way our ancestors shopped. No doubt for thousands of years human beings have been congregating at public markets in search of the best and brightest of what's fresh and in season. I truly believe that it is something that has been encoded into our DNA. For Ali and myself, two people who popped their entrepreneurial cherry at the farmers market, the experience never fails to trigger a sense of nostalgia and a general feeling that life is good, and that we're on the right path.

This afternoon's trip proved inspirational to say the least. By the time we were ready to pack up and return to North Portland, our haul had amassed to three pounds of rhubarb, two pounds of braised greens, six bunch of asparagus, eight pounds of wild salmon (destined to become house cured gravlax), and one bunch of green garlic. The cafe fridge is currently full of fresh local vegetables for the first time in what feels like forever. CAN'T. WAIT. FOR. SUNDAY.

Which brings me to an important news bulletin: as Ali slyly mentioned in a previous post, upon reopening we have tweaked services at the cafe. This is partially due to recent financial hardships resulting from loss of business ( aka "the flood"), though our impending dinner service is also bating us to try to make life easier for ourselves. More important however, and the reason of my current ramblings, is that we are planning a test run for what we are calling "Sunday Brunch" service. "What is Sunday Brunch?" you ask. Well, my best answer is that we are going to try to prepare a less-egg-sandwich-heavy menu that will feature various brunchy items that we don't normally serve during the rest of the week. Think: biscuits and gravy, French toast, omelets, croque madame, tuna melts, and an egg sandwich...did you catch that last part? That's right, it was not a typo. I purposely typed AN egg sandwich. Yes, there will be one and only one egg sandwich on the Sunday Brunch menu.

Read carefully folks, here is the important part:

Tuesday through Saturday we will continue to run a concise menu highlighted by our popular egg sandwiches, living up to our name as a "Coffee and Egg Sandwich House." However, come Sunday we're planning on giving the 'ole fry-pans a breather. A day of rest if you will. So be sure to get your Messenger, Zoobomb, Flat Tire, Alleycat, and Paperboy fix out of your system earlier in the week, 'cause once Sunday arrives, we're mixing things up a bit.

Any questions?

I know this a lot to swallow for you die hard LRBC'ers who are quite content with their Sunday routine, thank you. All I can ask is that you take a chance, hop on the bus with us, and come for a ride. We will do our best not to fail you and to continue to steer this thing toward sunnier pastures, empty plates, and mid afternoon nap fuel.

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