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Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

Hello, Friends. We are going to ask that you do us a favor. If you would, please picture this:

Freshly brewed french press coffee, delivered by bike, to your front porch on a summer morning.

It doesn't have to be a fantasy folks. This can all begin in a matter of weeks. Just take the time and click:

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

While fresh roasted Courier Coffee has always been available for delivery to your doorstep, we have developed dreams of taking this notion to the next level. So how did this dream begin? Well, our good friend Lynn of Satsuma Press was kind enough to tip us off to a contest that Madsen Cycles is currently running. Here's the lowdown:

On July 15th Madsen Cycles will be giving away TWO cargo bikes to whomever can send the most e-traffic to their website (that's the contest in a nutshell, but click the button below to get the full details).

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

It didn't take long for us to figure out how we could put these awesome cargo bikes to good use. They are available in two models: rack or bucket. Naturally, Ali and I differ on which we want. I'm picturing myself with the rack style, preferably in black:

I'm a fan of the oversized steel tubing with the 12 threaded brazons for accessory attachment. And at 7.5'' x 36'', I'll have plenty of room to load up goods. Ali's got a crush on the bucket style, and bats her lashes at both the cream and baby blue colors equally:

I gotta admit, the bucket is cool. It's basically a 40 gallon, LLDPE rigid plastic cargo carrier that features a rear removable bench seat and two seat belts (perfect for two pugs, a bunch flowers, a bushel of radishes, and a couple of airpots).

Both models sport OST hi-ten steel step-through frames, SRAM X5 8-speed derailleurs, SRAM X5 trigger shifters, and Promax 160mm disk brakes. What's also great is that both frames are adjustable for a variety of body types including 5'- 6'6'' builds, which is perfect given the 7" difference between Ali and myself. This way we'd be able to switch bikes when necessary. Of course Madsen also makes a bunch of handy, crafty accessories available to customize and pimp your ride.

Can't you just picture Ali with this bike? (For the sake of dreaming, Ali is pushing for a red one of course, though it would have to be made custom by Madsen, as they are only available in black, cream, or blue.)

And me with the other?

The possibilities are endless really; coffee delivery, farmers market runs, ice cream promotions, pug schleping, etc. Just thinking about it gets us all hot and bothered (in a really good way!).

So help the LRBC grow this year with the addition of a new cargo bike. Especially those of you in North Portland, keep in mind that if you help a cafe out, we can certainly return the favor with the promise of homemade, freshly brewed, artisan goods delivered to your door. (How cool is that?!?) And heck, for those of you NOT in North Portland, whom are unable to benefit from us inheriting one or two new stylish, refined, utilitarian, commuter cargo bikes, well, we say click over to their site anyways, and tell your friends to do the same, and perhaps we can both win cargo bikes to start our own fleets.

Think about it:

Dream it:

Do it:

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes


lynn russell // satsuma press said...

If you win, I'll be so jealous, but then maybe I can borrow it when we come to Portland. I think Liam would fit in the bucket with room to spare!


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Hope you get it. Hey you should get those lovely folks over at urbanhonking.com to help you out. Good Luck!

Amber said...

Hello there. Great blog! I LOVE those bikes! I am Australian, living in Sweden just across the bridge from Copenhagen and I just love those Christiana bikes, full of children. So very gorgeous. If you havent already, check out Copenhagencyclechick.com- brilliant

jonashpdx said...

clicked and clicked. good luck!

vj said...

Must. Click. Links. Must. Have. Coffee... Linkee good.

Their campaign is working -- I had never heard of them until 4 days ago. It's wild to see these lower-priced bakfiets and xtracycle-killers out there, but good to see the prices coming down. And I gotta say, those bikes are sweet looking.

I hope you guys are well. I've gotta get in and see yous!