Whiskey Hangover

its days like this morning, waking up after a long night and seeing pictures like this one, that make me wish the LRBC were open on Mondays

I don't mean to sound like a broken record, but I do want to point out once again that service at the cafe has undergone a few changes recently. Tuesday through Saturday one can expect to find all of their favorite fried egg sandwiches, as well as a few new items, while every Sunday, we will try to "bring it" with a special brunch menu inspired by traditional favorites.

As for the "a few new items," without divulging exactly what those are (hey, we've got to leave you with some kind of hook in effort to get your ass in the door), I do want to highlight one addition that has quickly climbed to the top of my list of favorites. Meet the Wild Lox Plate:

Wild Lox Plate
toasted boiled bagel, wild smoked salmon served over a bed of arugula, with avocado, cream cheese, red onion, tomato, cucumber, fresh dill, and capers

What else can you ask for on a bagel and lox plate? No really, we're asking: what else could one want on a plate like this? That means you. Please comment with your suggestions.


whitney said...

Roasted red peppers? Fresh ground black pepper? Coarse ground salt (love that on bagels).

Honestly, it looks delicious as is.

kati said...

honestly, i can't think of one more thing to add! it looks so good!

Ali and Evan said...

Currently we are going with fresh cracked white pepper and diamond crystal kosher salt sprinkled on the veg and salmon. Thanks for the bell pepper idea.

Thanks! XO

Emily Wilson said...

How about the option of Tofutti cream cheese?
Some of us aren't vegan, but we like to stay away from the lactose....


Ali and Evan said...

We've actually got that as an option. Though I must say, we have about three people who order Tofutti at the cafe and I know them all by name. Same difference; we've been known to enjoy Tofutti every now and again as well as Toby's pate (a local product from the Eug) so we strive to keep these alternative items on the menu. But thanks for the idea. We've got it covered!

Dove Vivi said...

a puppy? we saw one in the northwest yesterday that was called a "tiny teacup maltese poodle mix"- too cute! bagel, lox, tiny teacup. you could charge just shy of $3000 for it too, because after rushing to the internet in search we did find one in florida for a cool $2900.

Unknown said...

I like to put just a drizzle of balsamic onto this exact setup! Only I typically use a baguette, from the evening before :-)

huevos_rancheros said...

So glad to hear Tofutti cream cheese is an option! My lactard self is all over this lox plate next time I stop in. Ooo balsamic, yum!