The Great Spring Flood of '09, Part VIII

our carpal tunnel machine just got worked

For those 3 of you who are paying close attention, you might be wondering, "What happened to the last episode of TGSF?"

Censors have delayed the airing of Part VII of this adventure... for now.

My day began promptly at 6:00am this morning, after a mostly sleepless night. Zeus, never one to pass up the chance for an early morning meal, willed me from bed and into the kitchen. 1/3 cup kibble later, and I am sitting on the couch in our living room. Seven hours later, and I have transcribed, in chronological order, an accurate log of quotes, dates, and various relating information regarding the events that have occurred over the last 11 days we've been closed for business, since that fateful morning, Monday, April 20th. Surprisingly, my wrists feel okay. My back is tweaked, and my eyes are definitely bugged out.

I long for the day that I'll be able to share this gem with you lovely folks. Until that day, we're off to more important things:

like bare feet on green grass,

and skies filled with endless pink.

As always, thank you for the continued support, as it means the world to us.


delanee hamik said...

I'm freaking out!
What the hell?
this is killing me. I don't know what to do, because I don't know what's doing on, so I'm freaking out, what the hell!
this is killing me.

Rebecca said...

Please know that you and your cafe are very much missed by your neighbors! We're checking your blog daily, hoping for good news and we're sorry to see things continue to grow more complicated. If there's anything your neighbors and loyal customers can do to support LRBC during this tough time, please let us know--we're eager to see the coffee pouring and the eggs frying again.

gl. said...

i am so, SO sorry this happened to you. i appreciate being able to follow the progress of your cafe -- the good times and the very bad -- so thanks for writing! i hope you get to return to your beloved cafe soon. don't give up hope!