R & R & Beer Bongs?

Let's just worry about that rash when we get home.

Originally conceptualized in effort to take care of some much needed kitchen maintenance issues while simultaneously offering us some down time, but now at least on an emotional level inspired by the events we witnessed on a cable TV show last night which detailed how they like to celebrate spring break in Hermosa Beach, California, the LRBC is currently on its own "Spring Break," and will remain closed through Thursday, March 27.

The cafe will reopen this Friday, March 28.

Also reopening this Friday is our seasonal bike-thru window...more details on that to follow, just as soon as I finish slamming my six pack of Milwaukee's Best bro!

Whoooohoooo!!! Spriiiiing Breeaaak!!!


zak rotello said...

I would become a super regular if you started serving beer bongloads.

Anonymous said...

Milwaukee's Best? Why do I doubt that?