Setting the Table

Today after work Ali got some work done.


Victoria E said...

Drool! I've got the idea picked out for #5 for me, but gotta wait until I move to Portland to get it done :/

Where did Ali get her work done at?

Food and Ink said...

Ali, I didn't know you were going under the gun, I saw Evan last week but you weren't around. So when can I come and take a picture? I just got the outline of the new piece on my leg done last Wednesday! Check out www.foodandink.com and let me know when I can snap a few shots. Rock On!

Ali and Evan said...

victoria e-
Roll Hardy of Atomic Art Tattoo Studio (www.atomic.ws).

food and ink-
Rock On! Give us a call to set a time to come by this week.

Anonymous said...

Ok, listen...Don't make us wait for Travis' picture...Inquiring minds want to know.

AnnMarie said...

great picture.