Out with the old, and in with the...


Well, not right away. Tomorrow morning we will be serving what could end up being the last of Courier's recent espresso blend, a 2/1 mix of two Brazilian coffees that come from neighboring estates near the town of Carmo.

Sertao and Santa Ines will be missed. This espresso will go out on a high note tomorrow. This afternoon I had the great pleasure of working the bar, and trying to dial in the espresso to where I felt as though it was pouring as smooth as it could. The goal became a slightly heavier than average dose in a 14 gram basket, pulled at 200F for 25 seconds...bittersweet chocolate and burnt caramel...delicious. Alas, we only have a few pounds left of this blend. If you time your visit to the cafe just right tomorrow, you could actually get a chance to taste this espresso, as well as what's on deck: a 2/1 blend of Koratie and Sulawesi Toraja Grade 1. I am excited. The Koratie is already a usual suspect; insane blueberry notes, both as a coffee and when it's roasted as an espresso. The Sulawesi on the other hand is a mystery. Having not yet tasted the coffee myself, I can't say what to expect. Luckily for the LRBC we have Alex of Courier Coffee Roasters serving as our "celebrity barista" while Ray is busy volunteering and partaking in various festivities relating to the United States Barista Championship, currently taking place here in Portland.

Here's to good first impressions.

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