Thank Heavens...

...for this guy:

...and this guy:

Upon opening at 8:00am this morning we had one customer at the cafe. By 8:15 we were full. Come 8:30 there was already a line. Just over one hour into what had to have been our busiest opening rush ever, shit really hit the fan when one of the more essential pieces of LRBC equipment decided to go on the fritz.* No need fret, its Joel and Kyle to the rescue.

Thanks you two, you saved our day.

*To me, "opening rush" at the LRBC is the first two hours of service. If you're keeping score at home, that's 8:00am-10:00am.


kati said...

ohmygod, i felt so bad for you guys this morning! what a nightmare. and then to see joel cleaning up and then getting back on his bike and riding away. i was like, now that's service! :)

even with the wait, everything was delicious as always!

Tim D. Roth said...

Dude, remember wen Joel blew Kanye West out of the water in the "cool as shit" category? Also, I don't know what broke, but you guys made us an amazing breakfast. Thanks. Really, it was the best part of my great day.

Anonymous said...

Props also go out to our "King" of the kitchen, Dekin, to Evan for holding us all together, and to Julia and Ray for holding down the front. Finally we hope that our LRBC "muse" will soon be well and back in the thick of things - we miss you!

boompoof said...

your recipe is up: echolocations

thanks again.