Win a date with this guy?

photo © Jonathan Maus


The Portland Mercury
is currently running its Online Charity Auction. This year's beneficiary is the Portland Women's Crisis Line. Among the many auction items is a unique opportunity to get some face time with Mayor Elect Sam Adams, as well as BikePortland.org's Jonathan Maus. Oh, and did we mention that this meeting is scheduled to take place over lunch in the confines of a small bike themed North Portland cafe?

Click here to learn more about this package.

Huge thanks to the Portland Mercury, The Portland Women's Crisis Line, Sam Adams, Jonathan Maus, and everyone bidding in this year's auction. It's people like them who remind us just how much we love our City. We're honored to be able to play our little part in it all. Thank you, Portland.

Remember, the auction ends Friday, December 12th at 5pm. Happy bidding!

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