Market Analysis

Exactly one year ago Ali and I were both working other jobs, while at the same time preparing to open a booth at the Saturday Portland Farmers Market. The farmers market was not originally something we set out to do, but rather an idea that was first suggested to us by Monica, a friend of my mother and the owner of Monica’s Market Gourmet, an amazing booth/catering company specializing in tarts and other baked goods. Monica had heard that Ali and I had hopes of opening our own restaurant, and suggested that the farmers market could be a good place for us to get our feet wet.
The experiences we had at the market surpassed our expectations. We built a clientele, became comfortable with our craft, and had a lot of fun along the way. In addition, we had the great fortune of being able to work side by side with some amazing culinary talents. Mike Martinez, who ran the Perfect Day Burrito stand next to our booth, recently opened Encanto, a New Mexican restaurant located in North Portland. An amazing chef and one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, Mike taught us a great deal about market etiquette, and consistently served up the best breakfast burritos either of us have eaten (always Christmas style, of course).
Next door to Mike was Pinestate Biscuits, owned and operated by Waltar Alexander, Kevin Atchley and Brian Synder. In effort to bring the flavors of the southeastern U.S. to Portland, the guys at Pinestate cooked up an amazing number of biscuit breakfast combinations that included eggs, cheese, sausage, chicken, and bacon.
The recent opening of Mike’s restaurant, as well as the impending opening of a Pinestate Biscuit location have given Ali and myself a great deal of inspiration for our own endeavor. Excited and proud of the different paths we have chosen, we will surely miss working next to such kind and creative people. With the beginning of the Market Season only weeks away, we are already feeling the withdrawal knowing we won’t be there. In attempt to suppress our cravings Ali and I decided to make a Southwestern inspired scramble and homemade buttermilk biscuits for breakfast this morning; an homage to Mike and the guys from Pinestate. Many thanks to Monica, Mike and the Biscuit Boys for your guidance, your friendship, and your support.


Unknown said...

Your photos are making me drool... what's new. XXOO MW

Grant W said...

I love it you two, this blog thing is awesome. Its like I never left home. Good luck and I will deff be following you along the way. Dont be affraid to try some slow cookin bbq recipes for the ultimate tenderness and hickory flavor. Wow I make myself hungry.

Tim D. Roth said...

The market is definitely going to miss you. I know I did on the days Saturdays when you couldn't make it as I peered through the maze of tents only to see an empty space usually filled by some wooden cows. Yet, if all goes well, I will go straight to the wellspring of great food: your new restaurant!