The following can be found posted on a red front door of small soon-to-be cafe located at 4823 North Lombard St. in Portland, Oregon:

Hello neighbors,

We would like to introduce the Little Red Bike Café to the community.

We are both Portland natives, and have lived in the neighborhood for over two years. Though we have not yet met, we are looking forward to sharing the Little Red Bike Café with you. The café will feature fresh baked goods, locally roasted coffee and espresso, artisan sandwiches, homemade ice cream, and more.

As we ready the space, please feel free to stop by and say hello.

If you’re hungry to learn more, you can contact us at:

Thank you.

Ali and Evan

Opening late summer 2007...

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Anonymous said...

I was searching the net when I ran into your wonderful site. I don't know much about your cafe, but if you put half as much TLC into your baking as you do in your website...I am am sure that it will be a hit. I look forward to grabing a scone and some tea! :)