8 Questions with... Colin

disclaimer: this photo was shot on Halloween and shall have no reflection whatsoever on Colin's love for American Hogs.
Name: Colin
Position at the Cafe: Cook, trivia specialist, professional knife wielder/food sculptor, American legend

Your favorite Michael Jackson song is:
"Smooth Criminal"

In your dream garden we will find the following things growing:
Raspberry bushes, my favorite berry and a nice line of thick thorny hedges make for a great fortification in the event of zombies

Famous person I want to dress me is:
The Pope, because let's face it, the man has million dollar pieces of jewelry, I'd be set for life

Best thing you’ve put in your mouth recently?
Slow Burger

What do you never eat?
The heart of an unworthy opponent

Salt or Pepper?
Pepper: real men like it hot

Last great book you shared with a friend?
It was probably a Dungeons and Dragons manual

This spring you’ll find me…
On my deeply spiritual Burgerquest


kati said...

he had me until dungeons and dragons, hahaha. but i will be showing up at his place at the next sign of zombies.

Anonymous said...

Evan, got to say to ya man pepper jelly. ya gotta try it. My favorite is from Rose City Pepperheads, the favorite is marion berry blast. but also try the seasonal garlic dilled peppered pickles. I know it sounds like trolling, its the only one I know. try it