The Unemployment Files: Episode IV

soaking it all in at Heart Coffee Roasters

Up just after 6:00 am this morning. The dogs were not a step behind me when I got out of bed. They have me trained pretty well these days. Upon entering the kitchen I opted to make their feeding my number one priority, knowing that I would be able to go about my own business without being bothered once I had done so.

on the porch outside the Courier Coffee roastery

With my masters' needs met (bathroom break included), I stumbled into our bathroom and brushed my teeth, simultaneously sending Tim a 'good morning' text to ensure that he was up and ready to roll. Within minutes I was dressed and out the door, welcomed by a glorious summer morning. Today was to be my first trip to the Coava Coffee retail location/tasting room in SE Portland.


I'm going to be brief, 'cause the cafe is downright gorgeous and worthy of a return visit (with a real camera and a subsequent blog post to follow, of course). From our house in North Portland I was able to reach the cafe in Southeast quite leisurely via bicycle (for all you neighbors out there, just take N Willamette Blvd/N Greeley Ave/N Interstate Ave/Eastbank Esplanade/SE Main St and SE Grand Ave and you're there!). Tim beat me to the shop, where we enjoyed delicious espresso (Ethiopia Sidama, Ardi) and two custom-pour over coffees (Colombia, Monserrate and a new arrival from Kenya).


From Coava we rode to the Courier Coffee Roastery at SE 40th and Hawthorne, after which, we made our way to Heart Roasters, at 22nd and E Burnside. Upon reaching Heart I noticed that my morning's 'free' time was running short, though prior to riding home we were able to enjoy a brief conversation, and more coffee, while taking in the morning sun (I enjoyed a lovely espresso, Guatemala, Santa Barbara).

Another epic early morning in Portland, in the books.

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kati said...

sounds simply, summery, wonderfully amazing. you could get used to this ;)