Taking a Bite Out of Life

Does Ali enjoy NYC's Doughnut Plant? Hmm...she might need one more bite, just to make sure.

No, we haven't fallen off the face of the earth.

And though it may sadden many of you to read this, we are not yet waist deep in bringing you LRBC version 2.0.

The truth is we're on vacation.

Not your run-of-the-mill, weekend getaway, tent camping on the river kind of vacation. This is a full-scale, pack your bags, don't forget to put a hold on our mail kind of trip. We're referring to it as a research culinary tour; twenty days of exploring, eating and digesting the world around us. Rest assured that we're loving every minute of it, refusing to take a single nanosecond for granted.

We do apologize for our lack of contact. And given our forthcoming schedule, one should expect at least a couple more weeks of sporadic (at best) blog contact. Please know that we miss you, and we think of you often. As the saying goes, "we wish you were here," and we appreciate the kind sentiments you continue to share with us. We can't thank you enough for the many in depth emails, comments, and advice you all have offered ever since our disclosure that we've been bitten by the book-writing bug. We look forward to our return home, and the chance to share with you the inspiration we've accumulated during our most recent journey.

Until that time comes, be sure to get out and make the most of what mid-summer has to offer. From what we can tell, this season's donuts are just entering their peak ripeness. Happy picking.


Unknown said...

Dudes, the last time I visited LRBC, I had some awesome balsamic and strawberry french toast. That's all I wanted for my birthday last weekend, but I didn't eat any. I think you need to include a recipe for that or something similar - so my hubby can make it for me on whichever birthday comes after your book is out. :)

Unknown said...

Good for you! Do it all, see it all, taste it all. And tell me all about it when you get home.

Deanne said...

ACK!! I was just there 2 weeks ago!! I *SO* love their Blackout donut and their Tres Leches donut. Hoist one for me! (And I re-visited all of your coffee shop recommendations while I was there too!)