Peep Show I

Ever on the hunt for our location, Ali and I came across this beauty over the weekend. We first discovered it on Craigslist and after peeking in the windows this weekend we are curious to see more. The building sits on SE 12th and Oak, and the neighborhood in which it resides has a nice mixture of residential and commercial. At $23 sq/ft the negotiating price is high, however the space would need very little t.i. before we would be able to move in and open up shop. Three Friends Coffee House is the nearest restaurant-ish establishment (about a block and a half away), though their food menu is very limited. Who knows what our meeting with the landlord will bring? In our first email contact the owner indicated that she lived above the space and would want any business that leases from her to keep daytime hours and have a low noise level. When we requested to take a tour of the space she suggested first that we drive by and peek in the windows, and if we were still interested she would show us the inside. Well, we did drive by and peek, and we liked what we saw…did we miss something?

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Unknown said...

Very intriguing site - lots of potential - but need to negotiate a lower per sq. ft. price. Hope to see the place in person - I'll call to confirm. MW