Show Off

Though we have made little effort to catalog our recent activity, Ali and I have in fact been very busy this past week and half. During that time we finalized a menu for a slightly trimmed down version of our café concept, looked at some possible locations, and also met with a man who runs a non-profit organization to discuss the possibilities of forming a relationship that could benefit both his organization as well as our own business interests. Despite what was at times a very chaotic schedule, we have been able to maintain some portion of our sanity by doing a great deal of work in our garden and embarking on periodic outings around town. Recently on one such adventure we went to visit the Northwest Foodservice Show at the Oregon Convention Center.
Following the standard trade show organization of aisle upon aisle of large colorful displays, the Northwest Foodservice Show failed to introduce us to that fantastic new product that we ‘just cannot live without,’ but did deliver a great deal of eye candy and distraction from our hectic search for ‘the space.’

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