A Prayer for Two Cell Phones

Evan dropped Ali's cell phone two weeks ago(action).
These are the opposite reaction.

Dearest Blog,

Please bless these phones.

Keep them safe from water, concrete, and clumsy hands (namely my own).

Allow them to keep us in frequent and clear communication with our many wonderful vendors.

May they provide us the opportunity to communicate last minute shopping list epiphanies from the cafe to the grocery store.

Let their battery life remain forever lasting, or at least for the first year and most of the second year of our contract.

And may they never tempt us to answer a call while behind the wheel.



kmikeym said...

*cough* iPhone! *cough*

Ali and Evan said...
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Ali and Evan said...

We collectively bow down to the iPhone. But I would kill myself if I broke one of those. As for a window's based phone...well I might just get pleasure smashing one of those on the hard ground.

Anonymous said...

Okay you two!! Just had to post because we are starting a new biz and the same thing is always happening to us.....St. Anthony seems to be our patron saint of late.You guys are doing a great job and such an inspiration to all of us. Congratulations all around and thanks for introducing us to Joel...We love him too! Hope to meet you soon! Closed Sundays, open Mondays...
Colleen and Pat
e.moreland kitchen(former Tuscany Grill)
3616 SE Knapp.

Tim D. Roth said...

As a fellow clumsy phone owner, I have used craigslist multiple times to get a cheap replacement should the unthinkable happen to my precious phone. But still, I hope nothing serious does happen to yours, then we couldn't have any hilarious text message exchanges as you drift off to sleep...