What kind of pancakes do you serve?

Fresh off the griddle

Cottage cheese pancakes.

No, its not a typo. For the past four Sundays we have been serving up a pancake recipe that I can trace back to my early childhood. In fact, it wasn't until I was much older that I discovered that the recipe I had enjoyed so much growing up was unknown to most people I encountered.

About a month a go we had my sister come in and cook the inaugural batch, and since that day we have had more than a few people claim them to be "the best pancakes ever." Now I'm not trying to boast these against the Original Pancake House or the many other fantastic cakes that are served in our fair city (I'm definitely a buttermilk purist myself), but these cakes are different, in a very good way.

Perhaps more similar to blintz than the buttermilk recipe we all know and love, these cakes are really simple (cottage cheese, eggs, flour), but make for a very decadent Sunday brunch treat. So far we have tried them with lemon curd and blueberry syrup, we have tried them plain with maple syrup, and last week, simply by chance Ali added some caramelized bananas (leftover from the steel cut oats the Moo had prepared) to the batter. Let me be the first to say that we all may now benefit from Ali's experiment, as we both feel the caramelized bananas should be an optional add-on any time these cakes are prepared.

So for now folks, Sunday is the day. Come and get 'em. We'll make a lot of batter, but we'll still likely run out sometime in the early afternoon. Come early, and come hungry, and we will see you on Sunday.

W/ roasted banana

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Tim D. Roth said...

I apologize for being slightly off topic, but I have been eating an amazing amount of roti (pancakes) in Thailand. The Thai people usually order them with a bit of butter and sugar, but I like mine with banana, egg, and a dulce de leche drizzle. If I can find the recipe for the dough and master tossing it like the street vendors do, I will definitely serve you a piping hot fattening banana treat.

However, the real story is that I am pretty excited to get back to some real American food. So much so that I may see you on Thursday. And of course on Sunday to try some of those golden brown circles of yum you've just detailed. Who knows, I may even do some work for once!