Love is All You Need.

You might remember when we had the opportunity to churn up a few gallons of ice cream for the Odyssey Montessori School's Ice Cream Social last September. Well, since then Evan has developed a close relationship with a couple of those students, including an eager participation in an interview regarding ice cream making the girls had to do for a school project. This week the girls are back and for a very good reason; they are collecting donations for the Oregon Food Bank and they asked Evan if it would be okay to set up a collection box outside of the cafe. Personally, we couldn't think of a better place to do so.

As Ilana and Lily so poignantly point out (as taken directly from their amazing sign):

  • Most people donate a lot of food during the holidays but then stop donating food. People are hungry all the time not just during holidays!
  • 912,000 people eat from emergency food boxes a year
  • Food donated during food drives is some of the most nutritious food the Oregon Food Bank receives
  • 49% of households receiving emergency food boxes are families with children
  • 37% of those who ate food from an emergency food box last year were children
  • Children who are hungry have more difficulty learning in school
Together, let's see if we can fill this thing up!!! We know you can help us do it! On this Valentine's Day we would like to thank Ilana and Lily for reminding us what it's all about. Keep up the good work, Ladies!

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