Those Knives are Hot, The Next Episode

Coming Soon to a Cafe Near You?

Why yes, yes it is. Awhile back Evan and I wrote about the fine contributions of our dear friends, The Hot Knives in our mutual quest to create and conquer the ultimate vegan breakfast sandwich. Well, the results are in and Evan and I are happy to report that after some tinkering The Sprockette* Sandwich is finally ready to grace the LRBC menu...at least as a special for our weekend brunch.

Without further ado...

LRBC Brunch Specials

The Sprockette Sandwich
Sundried Tomato Polenta patty, Smoked Tempeh, Organic Spinach and
Vegan Dill Aioli on toasted Ciabatta

Three's Company
Pesto-Grilled Cheese Sandwich made with Beecher's Flagship Cheese served with
a cup of homemade Fried Garlic & Tomato Soup and
Organic Mixed Greens tossed in a balsamic-molasses vinaigrette

Fresh off the Press
Kenya Ruera Rueru followed by Sumatra Mandheling
courtesy of Courier Coffee Roasters

or alternatively

Draper Girl's Farm Fresh Hot Apple Cider

courtesy of our good friends, Kevin and Erin

Current Ice Cream Selection
Key Lime
Vietnamese Coffee
Southern Banana Pudding
Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip

* In case you were wondering, yes indeedy this little number was named in honor of these local kick-ass women. Check them out and show your support if you haven't already!!! We'd also like to clarify that no Sprokettes were hurt during the creation of this sandwich...

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