If in Fact

Wasabi & Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs

Hypothetically speaking, if we were to test out some items from our new dinner menu on some friends before we were ready to dish 'em out to the general public, this is what we might serve:

Wasabi & Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs
trio with cilantro, chives, and fish sauce

"Spaghetti & Meatballs"
spaghetti squash gratin topped with spicy harissa tomato sauce and Spanish meatballs

Pumpkin Red Curry Soup
spicy coconut (vegan) delight

Brie en Croute
wedge of brie baked in puff pastry, served with salami, honey crisp apples, quince paste, black grapes, mixed greens and crackers

Mushroom Melt
topped with provolone cheese, caramelized onions and kale, served with potato chips, dill pickle, stuffed olives, and wild mushroom & roasted shallot jus
(available vegan)

Croque Gaufre
buckwheat waffle topped with ham, house mornay sauce and a fried egg, served with mixed greens

PB & J Ice Cream
peanut butter fleur-de-sel ice cream swirled with house blackberry jam

PB & J Ice Cream

We would also probably have to have some tunes to go with the evening:

The One and Only Kyle Simmons

Along with some beverages to pair with all that music and food:


Tecate $2

Other $3.50


Red or White


White Russian

vodka, KahlĂșa, half & half on ice


Pear Fizz

muddled pear nectar, bourbon, Italian sparkling wine, fresh lemon juice, crystallized ginger


PDX Coffee

4 oz. double shot Americano, bourbon, cocoa whipped cream


Autumn Punch

Buffalo Trace bourbon, apple cider, ginger beer, fresh mint


Whiskey & Mexican Coke Float

2 scoops vanilla ice cream, bourbon, Mexican Coca-Cola, served in a mason jar


Whiskey Milkshake

bourbon, ice cream, Irish cream, chocolate, and some CCR love

Mushroom Melt

Not to mention the fact that the LRBC dress code would officially be elevated at night:


This is all hypothetically speaking, of course.


Jon said...

WOW! I am there

Unknown said...

that spaghetti was kick ass. dude if courier coffee showed up I think we would have had one of everything, two mexican cokes with whiskey, one fizz, some wine... The thing I cant figure is why this isnt happening? nice work lrbc, dinners are rad.

Dove Vivi said...

Well that sounds a lot better than the hypothetical dinner of top ramen alone at my house. No wonder it's hard to get somebody to answer their phone at 7 pm on a Friday.

Lori said...

I inevitably end up looking at your blog late at night, when I shouldn't be eating or even longing to eat, and in this case, drink.

AnnMarie said...

hypothetically it was delicious!

btw, will i see you tonight:


Ali and Evan said...

you can and should be there come Friday (Nov.) 13th. This is the official date of our (sshhhh) soft opening.

glad you liked the spaghetti, even if you didn't know it was squash.

My dear sweet Swift,
You should tell your mother that you have no business eating top ramen at your age. You should give it a few more years of angst and wait until you're stoned and broke. That is the true way to enjoy top ramen.

Ted and Lori,
We're just glad you read our blog at all. So thank you for your support and for experiencing hunger pains. It makes us feel really fortunate that the cafe has friends like you.

Sorry to have missed the reading. Thanks for allowing us to feed you and for giving us confidence to open the doors to others. XO

Michael Powell Parich said...

hi LRBC,
thank you so much for the delicious foods and drinks.
much love,
michael (and brittany)(we were at the CCR table)(i had the mushroom melt, it was delicious)