This past Monday, during our last few hours in San Francisco, Ali and I had the great pleasure of visiting Farm:Table. Located just a few blocks from Union Square, at 754 Post Street, the tiny cafe is home to some damn tasty coffee, and inspired eats.

Similar to the recently blogged about Abraco in NYC, Farm:Table pairs their well crafted brew with a small, but thoughtful selection of morning and afternoon eats that feature fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

The colorful interior boasts limited seating, but manages to pack a great deal into a minute space. How many places do you know of where one can stop in for a great coffee, and leave with an array of delectable items such as meatloaf sandwiches, creamy herbed potato soup, or a mixed green salad with watermelon radish, rainbow carrots, and sesame dressing? Not full yet? How about a slice of chocolate cake?

These are the kinds of coffee shops I never even knew existed, and I now find myself day dreaming about being able to revisit sometime in the future.

I was so taken with this place during our visit that I allowed myself to go way beyond my usual caffeine intake in effort to taste a lovely Brazilian coffee which they were featuring on the Eva Solo (well, to be perfectly honest I did it in part for Joel, who loves Brazilian coffees). Like everything else we tried, the coffee was fabulous.

So if you find yourself in SF, and in need of a quick jolt or some tasty grub, go visit the folks at Farm:Table. If we had some sort of "stamp of approval," it would get a double stamp. No doubt.

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