A Quiet Opening...

Would you believe me if I told you that these pecans were roasted for you? Given how long it's taken us to bake them I wouldn't be surprised if your answer was "no." But guess what, it's true. After months of deliberation and a few setbacks along the way, these nuts have finally come into fruition. They belong to our dinner menu...and we'll be serving them tonight, along with a few other things we've been hiding up our sleeve.

You heard it HERE first: Dinner begins tonight from 6pm-9pm and is open to the public. There was some debate about where to announce our opening. We opted for the blog rather than Twitter because we owe it to you dear readers, who live both near and far, and who have been along for the long journey with us. As you very well know, we have been anxiously anticipating the initiation of this service for months (even years). So thank you for your patience and please wish us luck! XO


Deviled Eggs $3

with chives and malt vinegar

Roasted Pecans $3

Semi-Sweet Pickle Plate $4

made with banana vinegar

Salt and Pepper Potato Chips $2


Fried Egg with Wilted Greens and Anchovy $6

served on garlic toast

Vegan Caesar Salad $7

with romaine, butter lettuce, and olive-oil croutons

Roasted Beet and Green Bean Salad $8

with lentils, hard-boiled egg, and green goddess dressing

Grilled Cheese Sandwich $8

with beet marmalade and garlic-mustard

Meatball Arrabiata Sandwich $9

beef, pork, veal, pecorino and arugula


Sweet Potato Cupcake $2

with toasted marshmallow icing

Chocolate-Espresso Pudding $4

served chilled with whipped cream

Portland Coffee $7

espresso, bourbon, chocolate whipped cream, orange


Lager $2 IPA/Stout $3 Wine $6


kati said...

good luck! i hope it goes perfectly :)

veronica said...

Oh, how I wish I could have come to tonight's dinner. That wilted green salad has my name all over it. But I'm sure I will have many opportunities to join the fun soon -- I'll just have to go with all the hordes who will descend on the cafe as soon as they hear about this... Congrats and have fun!

MemrySmith said...

Congratulations!! I can't wait to join in celebrating this long anticipated feast - hooray!

Sarahbear said...

What........no soft serve on the menu?! Miss you guys like crazy, can't wait to come for a visit and have a couple of deviled eggs:o))

evil cake lady said...

good luck!!

evil cake lady said...

man i feel sheepish. i didn't look at the date of your post! hope the first dinners went well!

alien man?! said...

We're new in town and we checked out your cafe for the first time today. The Messenger was amazing. Thank you!

amandaleigh said...

has evan done a comparative tasting of the reese's valentine's heart? i wondered what the peanut butter ratio was with this season's shape...

Ali and Evan said...

you're the best and it makes me feel better knowing that you're out there reading diligently. Hope all is well. can't wait to see the fam!

Thanks for the well wishes. You can plan on those wilted greens and anchovy being there permanently. We all agreed that this was a dish we could eat breakfast noon, and night.

Who is this again? Do we know you? Stop stalking us. (Dinner outside of our respective places, and soon?)

Words cannot express how much you're missed. I could use a hug, a Diet Coke, and a good laugh with you. And if soft-serve was there, I wouldn;t complain. XO

Dinners have been smooth. Thanks for the love. Ps. Best name ever. Do you ever let out an evil laugh of "muahhaaaaa" when you say Evil Cake Lady? We love it!

alien man?!,
Welcome to Portland. We sincerely hope you fall in love with this city and that it proves to provide for and meet your needs. Glad you liked the Messenger. We're "Zoobomb" people ourselves but to each their own. hanks for writing and again, welcome home.

I'm going to have to defer this question directly to the man himself (after I run to the store and pick up some of those Reese's valentine's hearts). Expect a response and verdict in the not-so-distant-future.

Ali and Evan said...


evan here. i have not yet been able to locate a Reeses heart, but expect a blog post in the near future.