Time: 6:28pm-8:56pm
Little Red Bike Cafe
Grub, Friends, Conversation, Music, Throw-Downs, Libations

Wasabi Deviled Eggs
with sesame, smoked salmon and fish sauce

Creamy Wild Mushroom Polenta
with gorgonzola, olive oil, and toasted walnuts

Meatball Arrabiata
beef, pork, veal, pecorino and arugula

Chicken and Biscuits
rustic chicken stew served over two sweet-cream biscuits, bacon and rosemary

Slow-Baked Banana Cake
with coconut cream cheese frosting

Chocolate-Bourbon-Pecan Pie (v)
pecans, chocolate, bourbon, pie crust, coconut-milk whipped cream

Time: 9:47pm-9:50pm

After-work libations part I

After-work libations part II


Mireya said...

Corralejo is EVIL!! Smooth like water and then before you know it you are in trouble. Not that I would have any first hand experience with this of course.

Sigh - I wish I lived in Portland so I could join in your reindeer games.

Christopher said...

i forget how much i miss when i forget to check your site.

banana cake, please.

happy new year.

monnick8 said...

I love your site and have enjoyed reading it for several months now. Kudos to you, your cafe and this blog! :)
I've always wanted to ask what camera or cameras are used to take all the fabulous photos you post here.
Thanks and cheers!

MemrySmith said...

Our feast last night was spectacular - thank you! x

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite foodie quotes, from Mitch Ratcliffe:
“Computers have enabled people to make more mistakes faster than almost any invention in history, with the possible exception of tequila and hand guns."

Funny ... just looked up the origin of the name "deviled eggs."

Ali and Evan said...

Tequila and trouble? Why, whatever are you talking about?!? ;) Fortunately you don't have to be in Portland to enjoy it though it would be fun to feed you sometime. Thanks for writing!

Happy 2010 to you as well. Here's to sharing deliciousness through photos and loads of banana cake.

(*blushing*) Well jeez, thanks for the kudos. Though truth be told, we're just doing what we love and what makes us happy, which hardly seems like something we should be given props for. We're just stoked that we can spread a little joy along the way. In terms of cameras, we shoot with (and are completely devoted to) our Canon. Up until July 2009 we were using a Canon EOS Rebel XT. Since July 2009 (this lucky lady's birthday month) we've been lucky enough to switch to the EOS Rebel T1i. Hope this answers your question. Thanks for writing and for your sweet, sweet words.

oh Mem. You should know this better than anyone: the pleasure is ALL ours.

12th Man Training Table,
Why, whatever are you insinuating? BTW, we have quite the history with deviled eggs- may not go back all the way to ancient Rome but still...