Burning the Oil

It's about 1 am and I need to go to bed. Another late night at work folks, and we add yet again to the ever growing collage of coffee eye candy. These two shots (pictures, not pours) were our favorites of the day.
In other news we dropped off the old Nopo Coffehouse signs with our neighbor Harold Brenning, of Brenning Sign Co. Can't wait to see and finally hang the signs for Little Red Bike. I am feeling good about outsourcing most of our help to local small businesses; a trend I think will continue into the future.
We eagerly anticipate the arrival of our deli case tomorrow (we're keeping our fingers crossed that it will fit through the door). Each day brings us closer...we are almost beginning to taste it now.

Harold Brenning
Brenning Sign Co.
2315 N Emerson St
Portland, OR 97217
(503) 289-4355


Tim D. Roth said...

good tamp!

LeLo said...

The paint is looking great: I love the turquoise trim going on outside!

Tricia said...

Wished I lived up there, your place looks and sounds great... Good Luck with the opening!

Ali and Evan said...

Thanks Tricia...know that if you ever make it up to Portland we would love to have you!