Work Break

This short post is brought to you by some very special people I would like to take a moment to thank for all of their hard work.
First, thank you to Mark and Sandy, and their skilled employees, for creating an amazing machine which I have only recently begun to play with, and with which I will continue to enjoy exploring coffee for many, many years to come.
And thanks to Joel for helping us to get the machine up and running smoothly, and also supplying us with some very fresh espresso; to be specific 60% Tanzania Ruvuma AAA Bourbon Varietal, and 40% Sumatra "retro" grade Mandheling, which today reached its third day of maturity, and was tasting mighty, mighty fine I might add. I have had the great pleasure of regularly tasting the coffee throughout the day, which in turn has keept me steadily working into the evening.
Last but not least, thanks to our neighbor and new friend Hector, who recently started his own painting and home repair business, and is helping us push through this final stretch of readying the space so that we may soon be able to bring in our equipment, and begin cooking for the neighborhood.

Premier Paint
Professional Interior and Exterior Work,
Home Repairs, Roofing, and Landscaping
Hector Rodriguez


Tim D. Roth said...

I love the new mugs stop the Synesso, they look wonderful.

I'll call you tomorrow (Monday) and see if you need some help drinking some of that maturing espresso! Okay, maybe I'll dos ome work too :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Tim...we'll need some help with that for sure...the work would be helpful too.

Unknown said...

Sorry I'm leaving at such a busy time but my body is at your command this coming weekend - bring on the IKEA, the dust broom, the de-greasers, the paint brushes, etc. - I work cheap and I love coffee. xxoo

Kat at Muddy's Bake Shop said...

I LOVE the coffee cups!
I am opening a bake shop and light lunch spot in Memphis, TN and a friend sent me to your site/blog. I just love it and I especially enjoyed your 'opening day' post. I'm so nervous (and excited!) and it made me remember that Yes, Things Will Go Wrong, but it isn't the end of the world and all I can do is my best and live to bring my best again the next day. I definitely plan to keep checking on y'all's blog and if I'm ever in town, I will certainly stop by.
Did I mention I LOVE the cups? :)
Best of luck!!!
Muddy's Bake Shop