What's for Dinner...

The Spice Route
Black Lentil Dal
split black lentils, red kidney beans, Chana dal, and tomatoes simmered with onions, green chilies, and aromatics (here we used ginger, chili powder, coriander, cinnamon, and tumeric)

Sauteed Spinach
olive oil, garlic, s&p. No need for any fancy stuff here

Indian Brown Rice
short grain brown rice simmered in cardamom milk

Cinnamon-Peach Ice Cream
Oregon peaches infused with cinnamon and vanilla
To drink:
Maker's juleps made with fresh mint from the garden


Unknown said...

My invite must have gotten lost in the cosmos but tomorrow will make up for it - I'm ready for some hands-on bakery browsing.

Anonymous said...

Do you take reservations at your home?

Anonymous said...

you make my mouth water. now if only i had some measurements so I could take on such a recipe. then again, one doesn't want to divulge secrets do they.

Anonymous said...

if your cafe is as good as your blogsite you will have a roaring trade and many great, regular fans and visitors. my mouth waters at the topics you write about, the pictures you share and the recipes you give out.
wonderful to track your creativity.
and for letting us all know the grand opening day/night!!
good luck with all the preparations.