Cause for Celebration

In effort to mark the end of a very eventful week, today Ali whipped up some fantastic Pink Grapefruit Champagne sorbet (pictured above). Though it was actually slower than usual at the cafe last week, there was a great deal happening throughout the week that kept us busy...

On Wednesday a number of riders from the Portland Wheelmen Touring Club stopped in at the cafe for a quick refueling before continuing on their ride. I admit, sometimes we forget to give customers their "rider discount," but it was pretty obvious to us that these folks arrived via bicycle, and all were awarded their respective $0.50 discount on beverages. Thanks for peddling over to the cafe guys and gals, we hope to see you again soon.
Also on Wednesday, our good friend Travis stopped in at the cafe and delivered 55 grams of some very tasty coffee. La Esmeralda set records this year when it sold for over $130/lb in an online auction, becoming the most expensive coffee ever sold. I saw on Travis' blog that he had scored some of this much talked about coffee, and wouldn't you know it after leaving a brief comment on his blog, there he was in the cafe with coffee in hand. La Esmeralda proved to be an experience. I was able to share the fun with Jo and her friend Jake, which is always better than drinking alone 'cause you get to compare notes and bounce immediate reactions off one another. What fun, and a very good coffee it was. HUGE berry notes were overwhelming throughout. Definitely unique, definitely tasty. Thanks Travis!
Also on Wednesday, Drew Jr. was born! I know, it seems as though our friends are having babies like crazy. This one was extra special, and Thursday night we were lucky enough to get to visit the little guy and hold him when he was only 30 some hours old. Congrats to Andy and April! This little guy is amazing, and you guys should feel very proud.
Last but not least, Saturday night my aunt Barbara married Gary, her boyfriend of many years. Now the two of them are off celebrating someplace warm. Congratulations to you both! We couldn't be happier for you.

Whew! What a week, and here we are already knee deep into another. Like I said to a customer earlier today, life has been a blur since we first opened the doors to the cafe almost 8 weeks ago. Still, we continue to enjoy every part of the ride. Thoroughly.


Shauna said...

I sure hope that when I'm in portland this weekend, doing all the events, I can have the chance to meet you. I love what you are doing! (And if time permits, I'm certainly coming down to the Little Red Bike Cafe!)

Metolius Mark * Student of...Everything said...

That Grapefruit ice looks so good I licked my screen twice.

I'll definitely be in soon to see what's new. The Pumpkin Pie ice cream flavor was spot on and set up the Fall season nicely. Loved it. Can 'Stu's Rum Raisin' be far behind?

Ali and Evan said...

It would be our utmost PLEASURE!!! Congratulations on the book and good luck with the tour. Portland is lucky to have you for the weekend.

gen1pic said...

I walked over to your cafe today in the October sunshine. The lawns were still adorned with dew at noon, so there were little rainbow crumbs everywhere. Good omen, eh?

I ordered a cappuccino--it was smooth but rich, the way I like them.

The Zoobomber was even better -- creamy, savory, on the best bread ever.

Things were going so well I thought I would try the grapefruit champagne sorbet.

Oooh la la! Every bite was crisp and sweet.

I had to go around the block and demand that Susan come over herself and try the sorbet. Expect her.